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Posted by Kate Thomas on Friday, May 4, 2012 Under: May at home
I moved my car from the driveway yesterday, it having been abandoned for several days in favour of my husband's pick up truck due to the floods. I was dismayed to discover a bird's nest had fallen from the engine on to the ground. Closer inspection revealed a perfect blackbird's nest, a cosy mixture of moss, mud and dried grass.

Thankfully, no eggs had yet been laid.

And this morning, at breakfast, we were witness to Mr. and Mrs. Blackbird returning to renew their nest building efforts. This time in the honeysuckle bush outside the kitchen window, which we hope will prove less precarious.

I shall be making sure there are plenty of mealworms on the bird feeders to keep up their energy... and enjoy the holiday weekend, with time to watch the small miracles of nature taking place in the garden.

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