Which decoration process will be the most effective for your motif?                                                  

Established in April 1988, The Beeline Company has many years of experience in designing eye-catching club and corporate motifs which help your message stand out from the crowd. Garment decoration takes place in our rural studios in Wormbridge, in the border county of Herefordshire, where we also have a shop and showrooom displaying our range of garments and accessories. 

Here are a few guidelines...

Screen Printing - the 'traditional' way of decorating garments. Suited to designs with sharp details e.g. small lettering or graphic images, and where corporate colours may need to be matched exactly. Screen printing is long lasting and hard wearing as the image is 'baked' at 170C to allow the ink to bond to the fabric.

Embroidery is increasingly the choice for the corporate market and is especially suited to fleecewear and knitted fabrics. Embroidery threads are available in a wide spectrum of colours, and are durable and eye-catching.

Direct-to-Garment Printing is suited for recreating fantastic full-colour images on to pale shades of fabric. The water-based pigment inks are bonded to the fabric at 180C so the image is very soft to the touch, hard-wearing and fully ironable.

Transfer Printing - a quick and cost effective way to decorate garments with more basic designs.

Diamante rhinestones -  add some sparkle to your t-shirts with this dazzling new process. Great for simple logos and lettering - call us for more details.

Please call us on 01981 570343 for advice on which process is best for your needs, or call in to our showroom to look at samples of all of the above decoration techniques. Click here for our online catalogue.